There are many lead gen companies out there who claim to be the “best”. However, I think that being best is a purely relative term and depends on a variety of variables.

I would suggest you look into the following factors, before making a purchase decision.

Company’s Authenticity – The first thing you should always check for is the authenticity of the company itself. You need to check whether the company you are purchasing sales leads is authentic and not spam.

It may seem insignificant at first, but if the company has an unprofessional or disorganized website than you should stay away from it. You can judge the company’s authenticity from its website, online reviews, feedback, its internet or social presence, or testimonials, etc.

Shady or spammy companies always stay under the shadow and don’t have the real following on the internet. Such companies don’t invest in their website or online presence.

Customer support – If the company is a spammer, it won’t be much open to the public. Only good and reliable companies are open to questions and don’t hesitate to help out their current or prospective customers. Before making any purchase decision, it is always a good idea to see how their support service works, even if you don’t need it right away.

Payment Method – As you are going to purchase the leads database online, having a secure online payment method is essential. You don’t want to put your credit or debit card information on an insecure website. Do you?

In short, you have to make sure that the lead gen company is secure and authentic to do business with.

Data format and Data items – Once you have established that the company selling leads database is genuine and valid, you can further look into its data format and data items, it’s selling. You can also request a free data sample.

For example, if you want to start an e-marketing campaign, you must ask them for the required data. Most of the companies who extract data from the public directories, blogs, or forums, don’t list e-mail address.

Price per Leads – Purchasing leads can cost you anywhere from $030 to $3 per lead, depending on the contact information each lead provides. More information can make the leads segmentation further easier but would cost you more as well.

Some lead gen companies offer monthly subscription packages against these leads database whereas some offer per leads pricing model. Purchasing monthly packages can be expensive especially if you are just starting and looking for inexpensive leads. is one of the leading leads generation companies that offer per lead pricing deals. It offers an easy-to-navigate E-commerce like interface for users to search and download the required sales leads database that comprises of over 25 million businesses in the USA. You can buy the list with basic contact information of the company like its name, address, website, email (if any), etc starting from $9.99.

Refund Policy – The final thing you should look for the refund policy. In case, you don’t get what the site promised or downloaded a corrupt data file, you should know where to contact or ask for a refund or help.

Getting high-quality sales leads data isn’t tough, only if you know what you are doing.