Leads Database is one of the leading providers of business data currently serving the marketplace.

The opportunities we provide are vetted by our procurement and customer service teams and free up valuable resources that would otherwise be used to independently generate lists.

Our streamlined process allows us to provide leads at a lower price than competitors, and using Leads Database provides massive savings in time spent over having an employee source potential client data.

For example, a conservative rate for a virtual assistant would be $10. At a highly optimized rate of 30 leads per hour, it would still cost $100 for 300 leads.

This is excluding the time spent training said assistant to target the correct types of customers, let alone the management necessary to keep such a high output. Leads Database also offers powerful search functions and lists categorized to a high degree, so that you can always find the particular niche or region you’re looking for.

We are in the business of providing your business with opportunity.