Sales funnel is a technical term which represents the communication and progress path for the potential customer to move through on the way to make the final purchase. There a few steps of sales funnel, that is often customized according to the business sales process.

Creating and managing a sales funnel shouldn’t be complicated for any business. But without focusing on the optimization of each step is like leaving holes and leaks in the sales funnel, allowing users to leave without purchasing anything.

In B2B startup, things are slightly different than B2C and you must understand how each step is making or breaking your sales process. The ultimate aim should be to figure out the way to maximize the ROI while minimizing the cost per lead. These two factors can have a crazy impact on the growth of your business.

You can take the following steps to optimize and get the most out of your sales funnel.

Identify your Ideal Client – Identifying your ideal client should be the first step of any sales campaign and not just the part of the optimization strategy. The more you know about the ideal customer for your business, the more of them you will attract and possibly convert. Having a clear picture of your ideal client persona helps you to differentiate people who might be interested in your products or services from the people who might not need or want your products or services. 

Every brand has a story and a set of core values. An ideal customer should resonate with these and should think, “Yes, this is for me!”.

Find the potential leads without wasting any time – Unfortunately, finding the right amount of sales leads in the right amount of time isn’t always easy. Marketing teams often seem to struggle with the consistent generation of the fresh leads while the sales team complains of not having enough high-quality leads. The whole process of lead generation is even harder for startups or companies with a limited budget for the sales or marketing team.

So, how to find the potential leads without wasting any time or money?

The answer lies in purchasing the leads from the lead generation service or company. A B2B lead generation company offers an unlimited number of leads for small to mid-size businesses.

Before purchasing the data from any company you should ask yourself questions like if the data being provided is fresh enough, as 1/3 data degrade roughly every year, or how much the data targets your ideal customer, what’s the estimated cost per lead, how to data is extracted, or how the data is being delivered.

It is important that you purchase the leads only from a reputable lead generation service such as or This would help you to acquire a consistent flow of inexpensive sales leads without breaking the bank or spending weeks searching for potential clients. You can purchase these leads using PayPal or any valid credit/debit card. Once the purchase is done, the file is available for immediate download in Excel or CSV format. That makes it easy to maintain and grow without having any specific CRM or software.

Keep Growing the Leads Database – This is a requirement only if you are interested to extend your customer base. This helps to grow the number of customers once you are comfortable dealing with new clients.

Build Strong Customer Relationship – This step isn’t necessarily related to the optimization process of the B2B sale funnel. But this is a kind of the backbone of every successful business. You can keep purchasing the most genuine lead database on the planet but if you are not engaging or pursuing the leads, there would be hardly any financial benefits.

To grow your business make sure you get enough high-quality sales leads with the potential to convert while keeping the cost per lead at minimum. You can also continue to win the trust of the customers by providing the support they need in every step of the sales funnel.   

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